Engineering and Design


Romeoville, IL



Job Description

Atlas Energy Systems is looking to hire a mechanical or electrical engineer to join the team and start working to develop thermionic energy converters. The engineer’s goal is to develop the performance of thermal and electrical subsystems of our thermionic energy converters. We are looking for somebody who can work well alone as well as in a group. The hire would need to be organized, self-motivated, and able to solve problems independently. In this role, you will apply principles of engineering and physics to achieve product designs that meet all required performance, cost, and schedule specifications. You will perform conceptual design, thermal and mechanical modeling, prepare design sketches and layouts, and develop component/subsystem specifications.

Atlas Energy Systems is a start-up company dedicated to generating cheap, portable, and reliable electricity in a multitude of industries. We are working on making green energy solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions world wide by introducing a product that can start to replace conventional energy production.

Required Skills
  • B.S. in Mechanical/Electrical engineering or a related field from an accredited university along with 3+ years of experience
  • Or M.S. in Mechanical/Electrical engineering or a related field from an accredited university along with 2+ years of experience
  • Complete understanding of heat transfer (conduction, convection, and radiation)
  • Ability to use simulation software packages such as COMSOL, Matlab, Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor
  • Solve engineering problems related to heat transfer or plasma physics using finite element analysis
  • Some experience with experimental design and construction of vacuum systems and physical experiments
  • Experience with utilizing laboratory and experimental data to correlate and validate mathematical simulation


Desired Skills
  • Strong technical writer and can convey research findings in presentations to groups
  • Knows G-code or has some experience with CNC machines
  • Worked with tools and machining equipment to create parts.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • Proficient problem solving and communication skills
  • Industry experience in the automotive, oil and gas, energy, or defense sectors
  • Knowledge of plasma physics or physical electronics
How To Apply

To apply please send an email to with a link to this job posting and an attached .pdf of your resume. Applications without a link to the job posting will be reviewed with the assumption that you are looking to fill any open position at Atlas Energy Systems.