In April 2018 Atlas Energy Systems moved out of its office space at Argonne National Laboratories (ANL) provided by the CRI program and setup shop in Romeoville, IL. Atlas Energy Systems furnished the new office space and filled the warehouse space with machining equipment and mini-CNC machines. Atlas Energy Systems hopes to be the first company in over 30 years to create a working Cesium thermionic energy converter.

When we moved into this warehouse space the floors were cracked and there were marks on the walls. We applied a floor coating and fixed the warehouse space up. We have built the tables for our experiments and are working on repairing this old glovebox so we can safely handle Cesium.

This is the other area of our warehouse space. We are hoping to use this area to prepare samples and cut materials down for the CNC machines. The table on the left has a bandsaw, drillpress, grinder, sander and other useful equipment. The table on the right will have our screws and electrical equipment for our experiments to measure current and voltage output.