We're working diligently

At Atlas we are working quickly to continue the development of our product. At the moment, we have a working demonstration of the technology and are continuing to design for manufacturing of alpha prototypes. Read more about our progress below.

Our Progress

Our Progress


1. Concept

The concept behind our energy converters is thermionic energy conversion. Our product will directly convert heat to electricity with no moving parts. Thermionic energy conversion is when a metal is hot enough to emit its electrons, if another metal is close enough to collect the emitted electron then you can make what looks like a heat-powered DC battery. The addition of cesium into this system allows for a larger gap between the metals.


2. Modeling

We have been using various software packages to do the modeling for these energy converters. We use Solidworks to create the CAD models of our converters and then use COMSOL or the Solidworks simulation package to determine heat transfer properties of our products under a variety of conditions. We are also using VisGlow to model the plasma and simulate the electron emission and collection in our system. We are working on getting full access to COMSOL to fully integrate our CAD models to the simulation software.


3. Demonstration

With the help of the Chain Reaction Innovations program and Argonne National Labs we were able to create one of the first working cesium thermionic conversion systems in two decades. We designed the system to use off-the-shelf vacuum components to be built quickly as we iterate on the design. We have also developed a robust method of cesium handling and transfer into both our experiments and our final devices.


4. Testing

Due to the large number of inquiries and requests, we have identified that the best and most attainable initial target market for our technology would be the oil and gas industry. Our technology can help reduce CO2 emissions from flares and flare sites while providing onsite power to those remote locations. We are pursuing combustion fired thermionic energy converters and were recently able to make a test bench of our technology using a blowtorch heating system.